Freelance graphic designer and hand lettering artist
based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Let's work together to bring your visions to life!

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Most of my work falls under this category. View a collection of design projects for various clients. I used Adobe InDesign for layout projects, Adobe Illustrator for any illustrations or creative typography and Adobe Photoshop to adjust any images.


I've had the opportunity to create custom logos for a variety of different businesses and individuals. Each logo was created in Adobe Illustrator and exported in multiple formats.


This collection of personal lettering projects, entries to #GoodTypeTuesday as well as projects completed just for fun. I use Adobe Illustrator to complete most of the digital renderings.


What's New?

I had the opportunity this year to be interviewed by Utah Voyage Magazine!

I was nominated by another local Utah artist and was really grateful for the opportunity to share my experience of how I came to own my own Graphic Design Business. I hope my story can help other entrepreneurs know that they can accomplish anything they put their mind to!