Psych Inspired


Are you a fan of delicious flavor...? I am!

Psych is one of my favorite TV shows and I was very excited to come up with these two illustrations of two popular quotes from the show:

"I've heard it both ways..." – Shawn Spencer

"To the Blueberry!" – Shawn Spencer

The pineapple was first created as a birthday gift for my cousin but soon became popular and noticed by the @psychpeacock page. They reposted it with my permission and I was getting orders for stickers and prints in no time.

It was such a great opportunity to be featured on their page! I never intended for that to happen so I was really surprised when they reached out to me. What a cool experience that was!

Stickers and prints are still available. Contact me for more information! More collateral is coming soon!

Tuesday the 17th was just a bonus, free hand illustration because the date just happened to be Tuesday the 17th.